/Humanized customer service

Our goal at Netwire Global is to be an extension of your team.

Netwire Global takes a strategic approach to our translation and localization partnerships. We prioritize customer service starting from a humanized approach, to create the right relationships and understand the strategy, needs and specific goals of the organization, department, project or individual.

Together with all parties involved, Netwire Global develops translation workflows aligned with client specifications to drive successful processes that offer quality and on-time delivery within budget. Your language assets are treated with care, valuing what they have to offer and allowing for cross-functional use to improve efficiency and quality, while reducing overall costs and timeframes. Backed by secure technology, Netwire Global provides real-time project statuses, as well as customized reporting according to individual or department-specific goals and results for proof of ROI.

Humanized support

Proof of ROI through customized reports

Control over costs and timeframes

Dedicated team working as an extension of the client

Break down barriers and connect with the world.

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