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    We only serve the corporate market (companies). We don’t cater to individual clients.


    This is real-time oral translation of public or corporate speaking. In a globalized world, the interpreter’s role is crucial for event communications to be translated and transmitted to the audience faithfully and appropriately, taking into consideration the speaker’s style and tone, the approach used, and cultural and terminological characteristics of the speech. As such, Netwire’s interpreters have complete mastery of their mother tongue, extensive knowledge of language in general, methodology, organization, recognized flexibility and attention to detail, providing excellent:

    Simultaneous Interpreting (or translation):

    Immediate oral translation of a speech or spoken text using technological resources such as transmitters, earphones and soundproof booths. In this case, the interpreter optimizes presentation time, consequently facilitating comprehension of the content spoken by the speaker, which demands great agility from this professional.
    Simultaneous Interpreting is given this name because the translated words are transmitted simultaneously, while the speaker is talking. The interpreter listens and speaks through a sound system, quickly understanding and processing the information in order to translate it into another language for the listeners, without interruptions during the process.
    Simultaneous Interpreting requires a pair of interpreters to be hired per event, taking turns to avoid overloading the professional and to ensure quality service.

    Consecutive Interpreting (or translation):

    Interpreting without the use of audio equipment or resources. The speaker talks in the original language, pausing between one sentence and another so that the interpreter can translate for the audience. Although it doesn’t match the speaker’s natural speech and it takes more time than Simultaneous Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting suggests greater translation accuracy, because the interpreter hears what is said, understands the meaning of the complete structure, and only then orally translates what was said.

    The Main Benefits of

    Overcoming communication barriers

    Real-time oral translation

    Speed in message transmission and assimilation


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      We only serve the corporate market (companies). We don’t cater to individual clients.

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