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    We only serve the corporate market (companies). We don’t cater to individual clients.

    Machine Translation

    Deadlines and budgets don’t always allow for translating the full volume of generated information. For this reason, Netwire offers Machine Translation as an alternative, a process that uses a program to translate text from one language into another.

    Recommended for translating large volumes with tight deadlines and low budget, this kind of translation is useful when the target audience just needs to understand the subject matter, without requiring absolute message accuracy.

    It’s important to remember that, although they are constantly evolving, Machine Translations are based on literal adaptations. In other words, they don’t consider the exact meaning of words and specific vocabulary according to the context. The client can thus choose additional options to supplement this service, such as:

    Machine Translation + Simple Post-editing:

    Resulting in accurate material, but without terminology research or grammar correction, representing limited fluency. This option is recommended for cases in which grammar issues are not problematic for the client and fluency is not the primary focus.

    Machine Translation + Full Post-editing:

    Resulting in accurate material, with appropriate terminology, grammatical review and improved fluency.

    Customized Machine Translation Process:

    We develop a solution based on your quality needs, cost and deadline.

    The Main Benefits of
    Machine Translation

    Satisfactory results for low-visibility materials

    Processing large volumes in short timeframes

    Low cost


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      We only serve the corporate market (companies). We don’t cater to individual clients.

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