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We only serve the corporate market (companies). We don’t cater to individual clients.

Translation Memory Management

Translation memories are databases that store all segments already translated for each client, which may be sentences, paragraphs or even isolated terms.

Previous translations can be reused in new projects with Memory Management, leading to lower costs, increased productivity, and terminological and structural consistency between translations.

It warrants mention that each company has its own translation memory, used solely for its files. Also, to better enable control over content, it is created and updated according to certain criteria, such as a specific language pair and the client’s terminology preferences.
With each new estimate for the same client, Netwire’s team compares the file against the translation memory to inform what the cost will be for:

– New words (never translated)

– Fuzzy matches (segments similar to others that have already been translated)

– 100% matches (previously translated segments that can be reused)

The Main Benefits of
Memory Management

Memory Management

Money savings

Consistent terminology and structure



We only serve the corporate market (companies). We don’t cater to individual clients.

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