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We only serve the corporate market (companies). We don’t cater to individual clients.

IT and Telecom

Translation for the IT and Telecom market

In a globalized world, IT and Telecom companies have helped shorten distances, increasingly connecting people, markets and cultures. Given their key role in the current scenario and all of the opportunities in this segment, these companies need to be ready to expand their operations and communicate in different markets. To this end, IT and Telecom technicians and developers require accurate, rapid translation that establishes effective interaction with the target-audience. It warrants reminder that IT and Telecom companies use a range of specific jargon, which must be taken into consideration during translation. Aware of this fact, Netwire allocates native translators who are specialized in this industry to handle such projects. We translate a variety of materials for IT and Telecom companies, including software, hardware, applications (apps), documentation, manuals, training materials, FAQs, etc.